This course is several hours of information about weight management, including the author’s personal experience, informed by Dr. Hagan’s medical career which spans over 40 yours. Most of the success of losing weight and keeping it off is directly related to knowing what you are doing. This course discusses how to think, the emotionals problems and pitfalls that often result in lack of success, and the skills of how to estimate calories eaten daily and how to calculate you caloric deficit, which tells you on a daily basis that you are losing weight. Unlike weight loss programs, this is a course about knowledge, not a “do what I say and you will lose weight fast” program. Instead, this course arms you with information that you need to success. After all, you know how to lose weight. But you may not know enough to lose it safely and keep it off.

This course is most effective when paired with “Six Weeks of Weight Loss”, in which the principles discussed in Weight Loss 201 are put into action is a real life, daily journal in which the author loses weight for six weeks.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Hagan Dr. Hagan Author

Dr. Terry Hagan is a physician weight loss expert who provides an effective program for people who want to improve their health by managing their weight successfully. Weight Loss 201 with Six Weeks of Weight Loss is one of the most comprehensive and effective weight loss programs available on the market and it’s available at an affordable price. Dr. Hagan provides an option for people who want to lose weight in a healthy, affordable, and sustainable way. Dr. Hagan program also addresses food behaviors and associations so people can learn to be more mindful and more in tune with their bodies.

Introduction to Weight Loss 201

My Story

Seven Step WL Plan

Four Things to Consider

The Caloric Deficit

Six Goals to Set

Four Levels of Exercise

Six Rules of Today

The Emotional Problem with Food Part 1

The Emotional Problem with Food Part 2

The Cognitive Discussion Part 1

The Cognitive Discussion Part 2

The Behavior


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